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Reds Golds Greens Blues Purples Oranges Browns Darks Mediums Lights Grays Multi Wool - Reds

Please note that each piece of textured wool is expertly washed.
Wool sizes are approximately 1/16 yard (7"x 16"), ¼ yard (16" x 29"),
½ yard (16" x 58"), and 1 yard (32" x 58").

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Rooster Tail

Putting on the Glitz

Cherry Honeycomb

Candy Apple Stripe

Grandma's Cupboard

Gypsy Rose




Crabby Apple

New England Red

Tickled Pink


Red Horse

Peony Pink

James' Jellies

Red Mills

Turkey Red

Be Still My Heart

Old Brick

Secondhand Rose

Christmas in July

Glinda the Good Witch

Redrock Canyon

Summer Tomatoes

Rocket Red

New England Plaid

Red Sunflower

Red Wagon's Cousin

Red Clover

Raspberry Seeds

Beets and Berries

Lady Anne

Love Always

Queen of Hearts

Red Romance

Red Velvet

Berry Season

Star Barn


Hot Tamale

Revolutionary Red

Nantucket Rose

Dazed and ConFuzed